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Drxpapp(Web Services)

(private Beta)

Back end services for the Android and IOS Apps

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Android Apps

Below is a listing of Android Apps

Delvery Locker (Alpha)

Subscription only

For use in the Medical Cannabis business

Sage (Alpha)

Google Play Store

Mential Health

Consent Locker

Local Download Only ( Too Hot For Google Play store)

Colleges and universities are now requesting that consent contracts be put in place between potentially sexually active partners. Many mens publications are also suggesting that an affirmative consent agreement be put in place prior to sexual activity. Consent Locker is used to capture the consent of you and your partner. It is designed to help build the consent contract, sign it and store it both on your phone and safely in our database. You can request its retrieval from our database if you even need to have a third party reference to the time and validity of the contract. This tool should help in the prevention of misunderstanding between the parties.

Rightscorp at a Glance

Private application for

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DMCA Direct

Google Play Store

DMCA direct for Rightscorp Inc. This tool allows our clients to find and submit copyright infringements into the Rightscorp system. Rightscorp manages everything from that point on. This tool and process is protected under existing Patents.